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Artist & Interior Design Studio 

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Driven by a deep passion for design. I have had the  privilege of studying and residing in both the UK and the US. Holding degrees in psychology

and interior design, I've broadened my expertise to embrace crafts such as glassblowing, woodworking, sculpture and ceramics.

My design ethos centers on creating timeless pieces that authentically reflect the essence and context of each project.  

Mixed Material Interior

Recent Projects

Modern Spanish Townhouse

Sleek, airy, minimalist design blends historic charm with contemporary elegance.

Renovated Farmhouse

Historic charm rejuvenated with modern touches for timeless, cozy farmhouse elegance.

The Clubhouse

Coastal chic meets vintage tribute, embodying Malibu's relaxed yet refined vibe.

Natural Style Home

Innovative home design fuses contemporary aesthetics with distinctive, character-driven features.

Tiny Home

Quaint and rustic compacted in Malibu's traditional-inspired tiny sanctuary.

Modern Ski Chalet

Contemporary ski chalet design melds alpine warmth with sleek modernity.


Furniture & Home Decor

Introducing Clay House California: a home decor and furniture collection epitomizing the signature design vision and masterful craftsmanship.


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Living Room Interior
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